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The Fall & Rise of Bumble Bees in the UK

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s Bumble Bees were in decline. In the past three years pest control companies have been dealing with an increasing (this year was a record for Bumble Bees at PEST UK) number of Bumble Bee enquiries. I believe that this is due to the White Tailed Bumble Bee filling

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Rats, Mice & Flooding

Rats, Mice & Flooding: The recent spate of storms and flooding has taken its toll not just on humans! Small animals, including rats, mice and squirrels have had their homes destroyed and are also looking for safe dry places to live.They also have been pushed out of there homes. Rat and mouse infestations in and

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False Widow Spiders in Berkshire and Hampshire

The recent spate of false widow spider reports in the news has raised concerns about what they are and where they’re found.   What Do They Look Like? “False widow” is a general term for any one of up to about 120 species of spider that resemble the notorious black widow spider. Steatoda nobilis, is

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Badgers: Friend or Foe

Badgers: Friend or Foe: Badger culling is a highly emotive topic, and one surrounded by controversy. Do they cause TB, and should they be culled – you get very different answers depending on who you ask! One thing we do know for sure about badgers, is that they can increase the presence of wasps at this

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Birds line nests with cigarettes

Birds line nests with cigarettes butts to repel pests: Ever heard anyone say “smoking is for the birds?” Well, turns out they could be right. Researchers in Mexico have found birds using cigarette butts to line their nests. Apparently they help repel mites in the nests.  Evidence suggests that it is only smoked cigarettes and

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Insects in your firewood?

There is nothing cosier than a crackling log fire on cold dark day, but have you thought about what you’re bringing in with your firewood? Some of the bugs and insects that take up home in your firewood stacks are harmless but others can, given the opportunity, cause a fair bit of damage. How to

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Help Save Ash Trees

Help Save Ash Trees We found this blog post the other day, featuring a really useful app for helping to identify Ash Die back.  Have a look, and if you can, please use it. Help Save Ash Trees: In my opinion Ash Trees are not the most attractive tree, I prefer Beech or Oak

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