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Cockroach Removal

At PEST UK we constantly get calls relating to Cockroach Removal. Commercial Cockroach Removal People ask  us to remove or get rid of cockroaches in commercial premises such as restaurants and commercial kitchens as well as domestic properties. In the case of commercial premises it is mainly (but not exclusively) kitchens that are in large

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Hygiene and German Cockroaches in Food Premises

German Cockroaches are a potential health hazard and can lead to an Environmental Health Officer to close a restaurant to protect the public. The picture below is that of cockroach monitoring traps laid in an Indian restaurant in Reading, Berkshire where PEST UK have a pest control contract. All of PEST UK’s food related contracts

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German, Australian & American Cockroaches: I was luck to be on holiday in Tenerife over Christmas and was unlucky enough to live with a cockroach infestation, both German, Australian and American. The larger Australian and American variety were less of a problem and were probably casual intruders from outside areas. These are more alarming than

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Cockroaches, treatment options

Cockroaches, treatment options: Cockroaches are less of a problem or pest control companies regarding treatment. This is because 15 years ago the only way to deal with cockroach infestations was with a residual insecticide spray. This would work but only if the surfaces were clean, grease & dust free. As cockroaches like to live inside

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