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Glis Glis: The Unwelcome Guest This Winter

Glis Glis: The Unwelcome Guest This Winter   Gnawed electrical cables? Scratching noises in your loft? These are just some of the signs that you may be sharing your home with a Glis Glis. As the nights get longer and colder, these small mammals seek out the warmth and shelter of our homes. While they may look

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Rats, Sewer Problems

Rats and Sewer Problems:We have a pest control contract for rats and mice at a school in Wokingham, Berkshire. They have had a rat problem at the site off and on for the last two years. When it first started I was asked to supply a second opinion as Stephen Tiller from PEST UK had

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Wasps in Winter

Wasps in Winter: Even now in December we are still taking calls and treating live wasp nests. Some are still flying and others are  found where either Queens and Drones are present (mainly Queens) in the house. The Queens are ready to leave the nest and hibernate for the Winter while the workers and Drones

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The Small Yellow Cluster Fly

The Small Yellow Cluster Fly: We were called to a regular fly problem in Bracknell. These files acted like Cluster Flies but looked very similar to fruit flies by their size and appearance. This year the number was at the highest we have ever seen, measuring in the hundreds of thousands. They were in stairwells

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Rat, Mouse & Poisons

Rat, Mouse & Poisons: It is a common mistake for people to believe that stronger poisons (rodenticides) are better. First poisons with lower toxicity protect other wildlife that may eat a poisoned rodent. Birds of prey, foxes and badgers may be susceptible to this type of what is called ‘secondary’ poisoning. The strength of the

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Wasp Problems in Winter

Wasp Problems in Winter: At PEST UK we are getting calls concerning wasps crawling about inside houses in a dopey state. Several customers this week have said that they have been stung. The problem for us and our customers is that the actual nest may be difficult to locate at this time of year. In

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Moles & Grass Snakes

Bird Proofing, Moles & Grass Snakes:   Well its been a busy few weeks at PestUK, but I have managed to find the time this weekend to update the blog. The grass snake eggs I found have all now hatched and been put back into the wild in a more suitable location. And the hamster

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Cluster Flies Autumn

Cluster Flies Autumn Autumn is the time when PEST UK start receiving enquiries about  Cluster Fly Removal. Cluster Flies are amazing creatures because of the genetic memory they are meant to possess – this also makes them difficult to eradicate. Cluster Flies pick a hibernation site. The exact criteria for this choice is unknown but

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Cluster Flies Treatment

Cluster Flies Treatment: Cluster Flies, like Fleas and to a lesser extent wasps are an Autumn pest but unlike the other pests Cluster Flies are also a problem in the Spring when there emerge from hibernation. Cluster Fly calls into PEST UK start depending on the weather in mid to late September. This is the

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Mole Catching

Last week we received a call from a lady in a rural location who was concerned about moles ruining her garden. There were easily 40 moles hills all over her lawn. Apparently the gardener had already tried to catch the mole but with no success, which was the reason that the problem had got so

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