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Cluster Flies in March

Cluster Flies in March Cluster Flies are a problem in the Autumn and the Spring. In the Autumn they are going into buildings for hibernation and in the Spring they are leaving the hibernation site. Both processes are not instant and may take several weeks or months depending on the weather (temperature and sunlight0 as

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Squirrels & Cluster Flies

Grey Squirrels & Cluster Flies: Now the Autumn is here we should be getting more enquiries about Cluster Flies and Grey Squirrels. Cluster Flies will be gradually moving into their hibernation sites while Grey Squirrels will favour ‘indoor’ sites such lofts to rest. They do not properly hibernate but rest up and sleep for long

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Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrels: When we say the word “Squirrel” it immediately conjures up images of Beatrix Potter like figures, all warm and cosy and fairytale like. Unfortunately the reality is often very different, and squirrels can be a real problem for some people. There are people who actively encourage squirrels by feeding them.  In other cases

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Water Damage Caused by Squirrels

Water Damage Caused by Squirrels I was called out a few years ago to deal with a squirrel problem in a loft of a house in Lower Earley. It was a very cold Winters day. I arrived and the upstairs was a mess, the ceiling had caved in, there had been a flood, water had

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