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Seasonal Pests: Rats & Mice

Seasonal Pests: Rats & Mice: Rats and mice can be considered seasonal pests as although they are present throughout the year the calls peak in the Winter. There are several reasons for this. Starting in the late Summer food is relatively plentiful with ripened crops and naturally occurring fruits such as blackberries, apples etc, the

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Seasonal Pest Control: Squirrels

Seasonal Pest Control: Squirrels: Grey Squirrels are a pest that although present all year round we get peaks of calls in the Autumn/early winter followed by another peak in the spring. The Autumn/early Winter peak is caused by squirrels looking for over wintering sites. Grey squirrels hoard food and may sleep for long periods during

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Seasons and Pests

Seasons and Pests: Pests, insect, bird, mammal and rodent change their behavior in accordance to the seasons. The main exception being bed bugs which seem to be steady all year round no matter what the weather or outside temperature. Not surprising really as they are an indoor pest only but the same could not be

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Pests Season by Season

Household Pests Season by Season: Pest activity varies during different seasons. Below is a graph of  the typical activity of Household Pests – Season by Season   Please be aware that this list is by no means set in stone. Varying weather patterns such as a particularly hot summer will affect pest activity. Also, freak

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