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Raccoon Dogs – What Are They And Why Do They Pose A Threat?

What Is A Raccoon Dog? Whilst the word raccoon appears in their title, raccoon dogs are actually members of the canid (dog) family. They are indigenous to East Asia and are omnivores, feeding on birds, rodents and amphibians. They do not bark, but growl and whine. Are there raccoon dogs in the UK? Possibly in

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing There are now over 1 million homes in the UK with solar panels, an expensive and long term investment for your home or business. Almost maintenance free, it is their location at roof level that attracts urban birds, especially pigeons who nest year round. With the influx of solar panels, birds

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Ants Are Entering My Home, How Can I Stop This?

As the weather warms, are ants entering your home? It’s that time of the year again whereby ants become more prevalent in and around the home. With the colder winter months behind us, all manner of creatures awaken on the lookout for food and harbourage. There are over three dozen species of ants in the

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