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Flies in February

Flies in February Flies in February usually mean you have Cluster Flies. Especially if flies seem to be coming from the loft area but they can come fro any cavity. They will use the cavity for hibernation purposes. They will not be breeding or feeding but hibernating. Harlequin LadybirdsHarlequin Ladybirds may also be hibernating along

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Flies in Lofts

Flies in Lofts February, March and early April is the time of year when people find flies in lofts or flies emerging from lofts. These are usually ‘Cluster Flies’ of which there are several types but the most common type looks slightly larger than a house fly but smaller than a Blue Bottle. It is

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False Widow Spiders

False Widow Spiders, Pest Control Contract & Thorid Flies: Recently we have had numerous enquiries regarding Steatoda nobilisvor False Widow Spiders. Most of these calls are just people panicking due to the media coverage. A few customers actually book up a treatment. Spider treatments are not unusual. Even though spiders are actually good to have

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Ladybirds & Cluster Flies

Harlequin Ladybirds & Cluster Flies: At PEST UK we have experienced more calls concerning Harlequin ladybirds in the past 8-9 years. This is because mainly due to their hibernation habits. This species tends to be more numerous than the native ladybird and hibernated in greater numbers similar to Cluster Flies. We used to get calls

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Wasp/Fly Traps

WaspFly Traps: One of the strange situations that is seen at this time of the year is holes in the ground with a mass of wasps buzzing round but no nest. This is the work of badgers. Badgers will dig up wasp nests and eat the grubs. They seem to eat virtually all of the

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Flies & EFK’s

Flies & EFK’s: Flies are not simple pests to deal with. For a start the control will depend on the type of flies. Many flies are not attracted to the Electronic Fly Killers or EFK’s. These machines are are favourite of the food & pest control industries. Food premises like them in many cases because

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Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies: At last the weather has got slightly warmer. This brings insects out of hibernation. One of the first to make a difference to a pest control company are Cluster Flies. These flies gather in cavities to hibernate for the Winter. They are not feeding or breeding but are only interested in hibernating. As

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Rats, Fleas, Cluster Flies & Bed Bugs

Rats, Fleas, Cluster Flies & Bed Bugs: Past few weeks have been more of the same with the exception that there seem to be some Cluster fly jobs coming through. This is earlier than last year. I have just taken a call from a regular customer who had Cluster Flies last year in mid February

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