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Fleas in Empty Houses

At PEST UK we often get Estate Agents and Landlords phoning us with flea problems in empty houses. Fleas in property that is unoccupied can present a problem. The problem is this: In ‘normal circumstances’ a flea treatment will take 2-3 weeks before the fleas die out, although this time frame is dependant on the

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Dog or Cat Fleas

At PEST UK our peak time for enquiries from customers about pest control problems from dog or cat fleas is always in the late Summer and Autumn. The reason for this is because fleas are most active in warm weather so need to feed more often, this warm weather is when people go on holiday

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Insects that bite people in the UK

Insects that bite people in the UK fall into only 3 groups. Apart apart from airborne insects such as Horse Flies and Mosquitoes,  these are fleas, bed bugs or poultry mites. These are all blood feeders. They will pierce the skin and feed on blood. What causes the irritation or bite is the solution that

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Fleas in a Derelict House

Fleas in a Derelict House: A Housing Association called us out to deal with a flea problem in Swindon. As you can see from the pictures this house was truly derelict. The problem was that fleas were biting the people sent in to clear the house. There are many problems dealing with fleas and other

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Cat & Dog Fleas

Cat & Dog Fleas: The Summer Holidays are a time when at PEST UK we start to get an increase in flea call outs. It is towards the end of the Summer holidays when the calls peak. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the flea population starts to increase as the

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