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Ants Are Entering My Home, How Can I Stop This?

As the weather warms, are ants entering your home? It’s that time of the year again whereby ants become more prevalent in and around the home. With the colder winter months behind us, all manner of creatures awaken on the lookout for food and harbourage. There are over three dozen species of ants in the

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Hibernating Wasps & Bees

Hibernating Wasps & Bees: Soon PEST UK will be selling more pest control products to the public. We don’t really like to do this as we  believe that, in most cases it is better that pest control is left to professionally trained people. The reason for this is that we see many so many DIY

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Monitors for Bed Bugs

Non Toxic Chemical Free Monitors for Bed Bugs: Bed Bug infestations have increased dramatically in the past few years. Fifteen years ago we would only do one or two treatments a year but now we carry out several hundred treatments for Bed Bugs in a year.Bed Bug infestations often leave little or no trace, just

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DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control, Wasps & Rodenticides : Many people try and carry out pest control themselves, some succeed but many don’t. I will tell a few instances. I was called out to a house in Caversham, Reading to deal with a wasp nest. When I arrived I was directed to the garden where there was

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DIY Pest Control Methods

DIY Pest Control Methods for rats, mice and squirrels: We regularly get information from courses we attend or just word of mouth that the general public are reluctant to use professionals to treat rodent infestations. Their motive could be due to the perception that it could be costly to use a professional for help or

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Bed Bugs & DIY Insecticides

Snails, Bed Bugs & DIY Insecticides: Below are a couple of pictures of snails using our bait boxes for a hibernation site for the Winter. We have had Rats, Mice, Wasp, Bumble Bees, Frogs, Toads even Grass Snakes using bait boxes as cover or nesting sites. Because the poison bait the box contains takes up

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Wasp/Fly Traps

WaspFly Traps: One of the strange situations that is seen at this time of the year is holes in the ground with a mass of wasps buzzing round but no nest. This is the work of badgers. Badgers will dig up wasp nests and eat the grubs. They seem to eat virtually all of the

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Rodenticides Resistance By Rats & Mice

Rodenticides Resistance By Rats & Mice: Although resistance in my opinion is a problem that is over exaggerated it is not surprising. Since Warfarin was first used in the 1950’s the modern poisons have all been the same, anti coagulants. These all kill by thinning the blood. An acute poison based on Calciferoul was tried

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