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BPCA Pest Control

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BPCA Pest Control

Whenever a customer contacts us concerning pest-related problems we always recommend the use of a BPCA member, rather than just a ‘man with a van’ or an unfamiliar number pulled from a newspaper or online. The reason for this is that a BPCA registered company will provide you with safe treatment of pests as well as knowledge to prevent the return of issues. The idea is that prospective customers know that by choosing a member company they will not be ripped off.

Who are the BPCA?

The BPCA is the largest pest control trade organisation within the UK and represents those companies and organisations with an interest in the eradication and the management of public health pests. They also promote good practice from member companies and hold strict criteria for those looking to join which prevents so called “cowboy” companies that are not qualified or have worrying work practices from joining. Prospective members are vetted very thoroughly and audits are carried out on existing members on a regular basis.

PESTUK Thatcham & BPCA

PEST UK Thatcham are full members of the BPCA

Member companies are expected to be fully trained, insured and abide by the BPCA’s code of practice. PEST UK are full members and we comply with training, insurance, rodenticide/insecticide storage and their proper use requirements. On our last inspection the assessor not only checked our insurance, our staff training records, safety equipment check records but has also gone out with the technicians on various jobs to ensure we are doing the job properly.

Risks with using Cowboy Companies

If you were to go ahead with using a non BPCA member you run the risk of the person using off the shelf poisons that are not strong enough to deal with rodents effectively, not baiting appropriately or even unsafely. If you were to have them provide proofing you could potentially be out hundreds of pounds with shoddy work done that leaves you with the problem reoccurring and having wasted your money.

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