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BPCA Accreditation – UK trade association for pest control companies

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bpca-logoThe British Pest Control Association

The British Pest Control Association or BPCA is a UK trade association for pest control companies. BPCA Accreditation differs from other pest control trade associations (such as the National Pest Technicians Association or npta) in that its members have to be fully trained, insured and abide by the BPCA’s code of practice. They also (unlike many other trade associations including other similar industries) come out and inspect members and prospective members on a regular basis to check that they comply with training, insurance, rodenticide/insecticide storage and their proper use. On our last inspections the assessor has not only checked our insurance, training records, safety equipment check records but gone out with the technicians on various jobs to ensure we are doing the job properly. It also gives customers another option if they are unsatisfied with the service for any reason. Too many complaints about a company would lead to the BPCA to look at that company. New companies applying for membership have to meet the strict criteria to join. While the BPCA inspectors offer advice and help to prospective members many pest control companies that apply for membership are refused.

The BPCA deal with the government to represent the interests of their members but to try to make sure the government are properly advised in pest control matters and pass sensible legislation (this doesn’t always work).

BPCA members are listed on the BPCA web site

This gives the public a choice of BPCA members in their area. They then know that whoever they choose are likely to be honest, insured and properly trained to carry out pest control.

The BPCA offer training courses on pest control that include residential 5-7 day courses and refresher courses.

PestUK are fully accredited BPCA members


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