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Birds That Are Pests

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Birds that are pests

Common problems associated with birds include their droppings and nests in awkward locations. Birds that are pests include gulls, pigeons, sparrows and starlings. With a ready food source and sheltered nesting area what started as a few opportunistic birds can end up as a colony.

Birds that are pests Other issues that birds can cause are unwanted noise levels at unwanted times, be this early morning song or hatched young calling for food. The droppings of birds are acidic and cause damage to metal, bricks and stonework. This is unsightly to customers and members of the public and to home owners.

Bird droppings can also lead to psittacosis, which is a respiratory disease that can lead to pneumonia. Bird nests can also have issues with ticks, mites and fleas which can be passed into a home if the nest is abandoned. These pest will then travel further looking for a meal and enter homes and businesses

Treatment of birds

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects all wild birds, their nests and eggs. Specific exemptions are given to permit certain species to be controlled by particular methods for specific reasons. The exemption is given as a licence issued by Natural England called the General Licence. This licence is issued to allow certain actions to be carried out that would otherwise be illegal under this legislation.

PESTUK have a number of methods available for dealing with birds. These include-

  • Installing anti-perch spiking
  • netting and wiring systems for pigeons to prevent roosting
  • night time shoots by qualified technicians
  • hawking, a humane method, as nuisance birds are not killed but scared away.

Established in 1985, PEST UK offers pest control services to both domestic and commercial premises. Either as one-off treatments, or as annual contracts.

PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem.

PESTUK have offices in Oxford, Guildford, Enfield, Shepperton, Wantage, St. Albans, Salisbury, St Albans and Enfield.

Call us on 0330 100 2811 to book an appointment regarding birds that are pests or any other pest problem you may have.


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