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Bird Spikes & Netting

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Myself (Rick Pellen), Rick Null and Mike Cooke are the technicians at PestUK who regularly carry out the installation bird spikes & bird netting.

Recently me and Mike built a large pigeon net in Windsor, Berkshire. This was to stop pigeons from fouling a deck in a multi-million pound development of flats adjacent to Windsor Castle. The pictures of this are shown below. Pigeon netting is always the preferred method of excluding pigeons but is not always desirable in all situations.

Bird Spikes & Bird Netting Bird Spikes & Bird Netting

I also recently installed bird spikes around the edges of Staines football club buildings in addition to clearing out all the pigeon guano that was blocking the gutters. I also found 2 footballs and a golf club stuck in the gutter which I removed as I was up there.

Bird Spikes & Bird Netting

Bird Spikes & Bird Netting:

If you have a problem with pigeons at a commercial or domestic property then please give us a call at PestUK.

Bird Spikes & Bird Netting This is me on my lunch break outside Windsor Castle! Occasionally there are really good perks in this job, in this case it was working next door to such a historic landmark. Unfortunately the Queen wasnt available so this soldier was the best I could do….

I have also just booked in to look at proofing some solar panels next week in West London, this is a very common problem in West London as lots of people have solar panels, and a few years after having them installed many people find that pigeons begin roosting under them due to the high density of pigeons present in london. Pigeons are a serious pest and can sometimes even damage the wiring under the panels through making nests etc.This problem of pigeons nesting under solar panels has started in the last few years and is on the increase as pigeons learn that under solar panels is a warm dry place to roost and nest. Pest control bird spikes are now especially made to deal with this problem.


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