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Bird Proofing

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Recently we received an enquiry from a customer asking whether we could do something about pigeons roosting under solar panels he had recently installed on his roof at significant personal cost.
Solar Panel Spikes
There were several options available from us at PEST UK to deal with this type of problem. We are very experienced with doing bird proofing on a range of domestic and commercial premises, however proofing solar panelling is a rather unusual situation to have to deal with! The pigeons were fowling the area around the edges of the house, and potentially also damaging the wiring under the solar panels.

It would have been possible to achieve this through either netting or spiking the edges of the solar panels. When in doubt I always prefer to net a gap as that is the only way to be absolutely certain pigeons or other birds will not get back into their roost. In this situation spikes were chosen to be used due to the size of the gap and the nature of the harbourage.

The areas to be spiked were accessed with a cherry picker, which unfortunately increased the cost, but for doing difficult to access jobs like this it was an essential piece of kit. Immediately after finishing the work, pigeons flew back from another nearby house and were unable to get back under the solar panels, much to the clients delight. The pigeons will now have to find another nearby roof to hide on!

In this situation a cull or shoot of the pigeons was not necessary, however I have several regular shoots that I do throughout Berkshire and am quite proficient at carrying out this type of work. Often it is cheaper to have regular shoot rather than carrying out proofing, and if done regularly it can be almost as effective, dependant on circumstances.

If anyone reading this has an enquiry about bird proofing, it would be great if you could email us a picture of the area you would like proofed and the approximate dimensions as this would allow us to give you a quote immediately, dependant on circumstances.

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