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 Recently at PestUK two of our technicians (Rick Pellen and Rick Null) have been completing some much needed bird proofing in Wokingham, Berkshire. Pictures of this are below. Having lived in Berkshire for over 25 years I was very familiar with the problem in this particular parade of shops, as pigeons have been fouling the pavement below the roof for approximately 10 years, so I was certainly very pleased to be the person who sorted out this problem. Using a small scaffold, we built 8 Nets over the course of a few days which now protects the ledges from being used for nesting by the birds. If you should have a similar problem in any of the areas that we operate in (West London, Berkshire, Surrey, South Oxfordshire or North Hampshire), we would love to help, and have several technicians who specialise in this type of work. We can carry out quotes and give you a written report with our recommendations usually within 24hrs.

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As well as causing a slip hazard and generally being unpleasant pigeon guano can also transmit pittsacosis which is a serious lung disease that can be fatal. Feral or town pigeons are descended from Rock Doves who were diving out in the UK in the early part of the 20th century but as man erected large buildings providing numerous roosting and nesting sites for the birds. There numbers have increased in towns because as well as ample opportunities to nest and roost there is an almost unlimited supply of food from rubbish, waste and people feeding them. You have to understand their behaviour to control pigeons. Culling or shooting will only work if carried out on a regular basis and in a lot of cases this is undesirable due to public opinion.Pigeon Removal PEST UK

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