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Bees & Wasps: This week has seen the start of the Bees & Wasps season. I treated 2 Bees nests on the roofs of buildings using a roof ladder in both Reading and Farnham. Due to the locations of the nests they could not be removed and were destroyed. At PEST UK we always try to remove and relocate bees nests rather than destroy them (wasps nests we nearly always destroy). The customer actually thought they were wasps not bees. Customers often get confused between bees & wasps.


I also thought that I had received a call for the first wasp nest of the year, however on arrival, this proved not to be the case. A lady in maidenhead moved into a new house and found several wasps nests in the garage; however on closer inspection they were not active and simply needed to be removed. I then treated the wood in the garage with an insecticide to prevent the formation of more wasp nests this season. The size and habits of wasps mean that often there is no way of actually preventing nests being formed, as it would not be possible to preventatively treat inside of every void in a house for wasps,  but in some circumstances (in a small area such as a garage) it is possible.


I have also recently rescued a football club near slough from a very bad infestation of moles! Luckily we caught them all just before they managed to spread onto the actual pitch. It is quite rare for me to need to gas for moles, in most situations it is much more effective to carry out a trapping treatment, but in this case there were probably 100+ molehills, so it was better to gas the area, then trap out the rest of the moles that were left over. Obviously it is more costly to do both of these different treatments, so I recommended that they give us a call a little sooner if they should get them next year!

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