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Bees in April

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Bees in April

April is the month when bees really start. Bees are beneficial so at PEST UK we only kill them as a last resort. Bees are NOT PROTECTED but there are rules governing their destruction. It may be necessary to destroy bees if the nest can’t be removed and it is undesirable to leave it in place. It also depends on the type of bee. A Bumble Bee nest will only last a year and although there still is a risk of staining, infestation of parasites on the nest, wasps robbing the nest and the nuisance of the bees themselves, you know that after a year the nest will be gone. A Honey bee nest is a different matter as the nest will last for many years and will produce a lot of honey which can cause big problems. If any nest is in a chimney and there are gas appliances venting into the chimney then this can be life threatening and as well as destroying the nest the chimney will need to be swept and checked afterwards by a gas engineer.
Bumble Bees in April
Bumble bees in April

The dominant species in the UK has changed from the English Bumble Bee to the Tree Bumble Bee and this has created a lot of call outs for pest control companies because as the English bumble Bee would rarely nest in buildings the Tree Bumble Bee seems to prefer to do this. This Tree Bumble Bee has taken over the space left by the general decline of Bumble Bees. At PEST UK we have noticed a general increase (roughly 6 times the demand than there was 5 years ago) in the enquiries concerning bees. It may mean that bees are back on the increase or it may just mean that more people are keeping Honey Bees (bee keeping has grown in popularity) and that the behaviour of bees nesting in buildings has just lead to more calls. I expect it is a bit of both.
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For advice on Bees in April or any pest control matter then please call PEST UK on 0330 100 2811 (local rate).
Tackling a Honey Bee Swarm in a Chimney

Bees in April PESTUK

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