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Bedbugs in Hotels

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Bedbugs in hotels

Bedbugs in hotels are a common problem throughout the year. More so at times of high seasonal activity. Customers can suffer from painful bites on exposed skin during the night. This can lead to complaints and loss of business for hotel companies and owners of smaller hotels.

What are bedbugs?

Bed bugs are wingless insects and move around by crawling or riding from place to place in clothing, luggage or other such form of transport. Distribution can be further exacerbated in places such as theatres and public transport, with infestations frequently occurring in hotels and other buildings where there is a high density and turnover of individuals. Bedbugs are not evidence of a lack of hygiene in premises. Found in bedrooms they generally feed at night when the host is asleep. When not feeding they live in the bed frame or cracks and crevices around the room. They will not harbour in the mattress or bedding material.

They are reddish brown in colour turning blood red after they have fed. The adult reach 5mm in length and will pass through five nymph stages over a period of time up to 128 days. The female lays her eggs in batches of 10 to 50, and they are white in colour and deposited on various surfaces with a thin glue. They take an average of 10 days to hatch and can mature into adults within one to two months given ample food.

Treatment in hotels

PESTUK recommends that adjoining hotel rooms are treated and the room above and below as well. The technician will use a residual insecticide spray, or combination of sprays to treat the floors, walls. ceilings and the bed frame and mattress. These insecticides are the most modern insecticide available. Also we may use powders in voids or on large electrical items. These products are completely harmless to mammals. All insecticides are biodegradable, almost odourless, non tainting & do not corrode or stain. The areas where the bedbugs will be expected to crawl as well as their harbourage points will be treated.

bedbugs in hotelsPESTUK

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