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Hello to Customers Past and Presentand Future!

The winter season at PestUK is traditionally quieter than the rest of the year, however we have foud ourselves very busy with rat and squirrel jobs which traditionally try and come inside houses at this time of year.

I have recently been asked to carry out a few squirrel treatments in Reading using only bait at customer request, as they did not like the idea of hearing the squirrels being caught! I much prefer to use traps and bait in conjunction as it is much more successful, and clears the squirrels out the loft spaces much quicker. Only one type of bait is cleared for use with squirrels (warfarin) and the formulation it comes in is not palatable for the squirrels in my experience, so I prefer to use mostly traps. Obviously the squirrels will make a noise for a few moments after being killed in a trap (this is just nerves twitching after it has been killed), and while this noise may be disturbing for some customers, in my experience it is the quickest way to clear them out of a loft. Below is a picture to show a squirrel humanely caught in a loft in Reading, Berkshire.

 squrrel dead

At PestUK we have recently carried out several Bed Bug jobs in Calcot and Theale. These type of jobs are not really dependant on seasonal differences in any way, however usually we get a sudden rush of them at the end of the summer when people come back from holidays. I have personally had an infestation of bed bugs in my house following a holiday to turkey a few years ago, which is a true storey I often tell customers to reassure them that I am knowledgable and successful at treating them! Below is a photo showing the marks left by the bed bugs on a bed in Theale. If you have noticed marks like this on your bed and are getting bites, then you probably have bed bugs       

bed bug evidence Rick Pellen
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