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Bed Bugs & Multiple Occupancy Premises:
I have just booked up a Bed Bug job for a multiple occupancy house in Reading, Berkshire. There are five occupied bed sit type rooms. We have treated this house several times for Bed Bugs before, twice in November 2011, twice in February 2013 and once in September 2013. There are several problems when dealing with pest problems and especially bed Bugs in multiple occupancy houses. The first is the size of the rooms. Any Bed Bugs in the furniture have a shorter distance to travel to the host and so cross less insecticide from the treated surfaces. The treated surfaces are subject to more use in a smaller room meaning that the insecticide degrades more quickly. Another problem is preparation. Unless the preparation is done properly then treatments will fail and these types of dwellings have less room for the occupants to remove and prep there belonging prior to treatments. Treating Bed Bugs successfully is not a simple matter as say treating a wasp or removing a bees nest or any other forms of Pest Control. In this case the reason they require repeat treatments is for several reasons: new people are moving in and out of the rooms and may be bring infested belongings with them and also that on all visits we have never been able to access all five rooms on the same visit. The other problem is whenever we get access the preparation has never been done to an acceptable standard in all the rooms. Bed Bugs will spread from room to room especially if the infestation is heavy or the room is unoccupied for a long period of time and the Bed Bugs may look for an alliterative food supply. Today when I was contacting the occupants one of the persons said the treatment had worked and that they had had no Bed Bug problems since the last treatment in September 2013.
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