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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs: Treatment Options

There are three types of bed bug treatments: Insecticide only, Bed Bug Heat Treatment only and a combination of Insecticide and bed bug heat treatment.
Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Insecticide only Treatment.

The insecticide only option is the most popular and most cost effective method of control for bed bugs. The main drawback of this type of treatment is the time it takes for the bed bug infestation to die out. This may take several weeks (between 2-6 weeks, depending on circumstances). During this period it is essential that the infested bedrooms are occupied. If they are not occupied then the bed bugs will not emerge from their hiding places. They will not come in contact with the insecticide and so the treatment will fail.
Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment only

The Bed Bug Heat treatment is expensive but has the advantage of being instant. It is rarely fully successful on its own in moderate to heavy bed bug infestations. Rarely will any type of heat treatment penetrate deep enough into furniture, floors or ceilings to eliminate all bed bugs. If the infestation is caught early enough and is restricted to the bed then it may be 100% successful. Another advantage of course is the absence of insecticides. All the insecticides used by PEST UK are safe and biodegradable but of course some people don’t trust insecticides.

Combination of Insecticide and Heat Treatment

This is the best of both worlds, you have in instant hit of a heat treatment plus the residually of an insecticide treatment.

For more information on bed bug treatment options then go:Bed Bugs Heat Treatments

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