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How to Avoid Bed Bugs After a Holiday

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How to Avoid Bed Bugs After a Holiday

This common pest use to be associated with unhygienic surroundings yet is prevalent due to a number of reasons, including increased travel across the world. The use of second-hand furniture, and suspected tolerance to some pesticides also  These bugs occur with regularity, particularly in multi-occupancy buildings with rapid resident turnover, like hostels, hotels, holiday camps and blocks of flats. To avoid bed bugs after holiday we recommend-

When on holiday keep your suitcase away from the bed itself, do not let it rest on the floor but on a desk or table. Upon arriving home immediately check your luggage and clothing for bugs. If you find Bed bugs, we recommend that your luggage, clothing and bedding is washed or tumble dried. Alternatively you can place everything into a bag and then in a deep freezer for at least 3 days.

Avoid bed bugs after holiday

For hotels, a proactive monitoring regime by a professional pest control company can help to detect early signs of infestation. Training the staff in what to look for when they are cleaning and working within the rooms will mean that the detection of a problem before a guest notices will protect the companies reputation.

How to Treat Bed Bugs

If you do have bed bugs PESTUK can certainly help with treatment. We recommend that some preparation is done before the technician arrives.

Bed sheets, clothes and curtains must be removed & washed. The room(s) to be treated must be vacuumed and cleaned. Drawers and wardrobes must be emptied. The clothes should only be reintroduced to the rooms once they have been washed or tumble dried. The rooms must be clear of toys, books, boxes, CDs, posters etc. Be careful not to put any of these objects into other rooms as you may spread the infestation. Objects in the room that cannot be either washed, tumble dried or sprayed with the insecticide (books, shoes, cd’s, dvd’s etc) must be put in a freezer overnight. Or left in a bag for the technician to advise you what to do with them.

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