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Are All Insects Pests?

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Are All Insects Pests?

A commonly asked question by some of our customers. Not all insects are pests, some are beneficial. These helpful insects include- bees and other pollinators of flowers and crops, ladybirds and beetles eat aphids and other insects that feed on and damage plants. Of those that are considered pests PEST UK can provide treatment with residual insecticides or gel baits as well as professional advice to stop further occurrences where possible.

Insects that are pests

Are all insects pests?

The most commonly dealt with insects that are pests in the UK are the following-

  • Fleas, they will feed on cats or dogs and can feed on people when no other food source is available.
  • Cockroaches, thrive and nest close to sources of heat in kitchens, boiler rooms etc.
  • Ants, while not a risk they can be a cause of nuisance in homes and businesses alike.
  • Woodlice are not a health risk but can suggest a damp problem as they require humid environments to live in.
  • Cluster flies nest in large groups late in the year and will choose a hibernation site which is passed on by genetic memory to offspring.
  • Flour mites feed on stored cereal products and can contaminate them.
  • Bedbugs infest homes and bite humans during the night causing stress and discomfort.

Are all insects pests?PESTUK

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Are all insects pests?


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