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Ants in the Summer

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Ants in the Summer

Worker ants will often enter homes foraging for food. In particular sweet substances. Ants are not a risk to human health, they can however be present in sufficient numbers to cause a nuisance. Ants in the summer will be coming from several nests so locating one nest and destroying that will have a limited effect on your problem.

Ants in the summer

The most commonly spotted species is the black garden ant, which is actually a dark brown in colour.

We treat infested and surrounding areas of your home with a residual insecticide spray or instead of these baits may have been used. Digrain Ant Gel contains Permethrin or we may use Advion Ant Gel which contains Indoxacarb. These insecticides are the most modern insecticide available. Ficam may also be used in a powder formulation called Ficam D*. All insecticides are biodegradable, almost odourless, non tainting & do not corrode or stain.

Ants walk over the treated areas and return to the nest touching other ants and larvae with their contaminated bodies which passes on enough insecticide to kill the nest(s). This may take up to 2 weeks (if treatment is carried out before April or in cold weather the activity may continue sporadically for up to 6 weeks), immediate improvement is always noticeable but do not wash down or vacuum treated areas for at least 2 months. Washing & vacuuming will break down the insecticides. The baits work in a similar fashion but may take slightly longer to work.

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