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Ants in May

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Ants in May

PESTUK receive a large amount of call about ants in May. They will have been found in peoples kitchens and other areas of the home as well as spotted in gardens in large numbers. they are attracted to sweet food stuffs and finding one nest will not always solve the problem. they do not pose a health risk but can appear in large enough problems to be a nuisance. Generally the ants will be coming from multiple nests and so a professional treatment can better deal with the problem, rather than amateur attempts.

What are ants?

Ants belong to the order Hymenoptera, the same as wasps and bees. There are 12,500 of an estimated 22,000 classified so far. Ants form colonies ranging in size from dozens to thousands scavenging for food to sustain the nest. Their bodies have a similar structure to other insects. they have a head, thorax and abdomen. Antennae on the head are elbowed and are used for detecting air currents and vibrations. Ants have compound eyes, made from many tiny lenses attached together. Their eyes are good for acute movement but not for detailed resolution.

The thorax is where the legs and the wings of the males and females who have them are situated. The legs end in a hooked claw that aids in climbing.  Males and Queens that reproduce  are the only ones that have wings. The abdomen holds internal organs and these include reproductive, respiratory and digestive innards.

Treatment of ants

We would treat the ants with either a gel based bait of Digrain Ant Gel or Advion Ant Gel or a residual insecticide treatment with Effect Microtech or Ficam W, or even both spray and gel if required. These insecticides are the most modern insecticides available. All our insecticides are biodegradable and non tainting & do not corrode or stain.

Ants in May


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