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Ants April

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Ants April. April is the time when pest control companies get the most jobs and enquiries from people with problems with ants. Depending on the weather they come out of hibernation (or over wintering, insects don’t hibernate in the same way that mammals and rodents do) in March or early April. Often ants in April will forage inside buildings as it may still be too cold outside. When its cold they can be difficult to control. The reasons for this are that the metabolism of the ants is still slow and so any uptake of insecticide will take time to work. Another reason is that only part of the nest may be active which means that it may take some time for ants from the rest of the nest to come into contact with the insecticides. The ants that you are seeing probably come from several nests. They follow pheromone trails left by ants and these trails will attract ants from many different nests. Control is not just finding the nest and killing it because most cases it will not just be one ants nest.
Ants in April
Controlling Ants April

At PEST UK we generally use either an insecticide bait, a residual insecticide spray or a residual insecticide dust. One or more of these types of treatments may be carried out.

Price for a standard domestic ant control treatment is £65 + VAT. Treatments are guaranteed but colder weather means it may take several weeks to work. The baits and insecticides used are residual so will last a far time. In most cases we treat the external areas as well as internally where the ants are seen.
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If you require an ant treatment, advice on ants or any pest control matter then please call PEST UK on: 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & most mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate).

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