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A horsefly bite is very painful | How can I get rid of horseflies?

Aug 05 in Pests


When is a horsefly most active?

Horseflies are more active during the summer months and the recent heatwave with its hot, sunny days and no wind has been perfect for them. They’ve been busy biting people, probably because people have been outside more exposing their skin. Horsefly bites are very painful. They can develop into swollen, itchy bumps within minutes and take much longer to recover from than other types of bites.



Why are horsefly bites so painful?


Only female horseflies bite as they need blood to produce eggs, usually choosing horses and cattle as their food sources. With its specialised blade-like mouthpart, the female horsefly can cut into tough animal skin. This means when horseflies bite human skin it’s more brutal than the precision piercing of a mosquito, and they don’t release a mild anaesthetic. Because the hole in the skin is so large it’s more vulnerable to bacteria and can become infected. Some people can experience a rash, dizziness, weakness, and wheezing. A few people experience an allergic reaction.

Horseflies are very difficult to avoid. Although larger than a housefly at around 2cm in length, horseflies can still land on a person’s skin without being detected. They can also bite through clothes.


Is a horsefly bite dangerous to animals?

Horseflies can be dangerous to horses. They can transmit blood-borne diseases from one animal to another, but the most dangerous disease they carry is equine infectious anaemia (also known as swamp fever) which is life-threatening to horses.

How to get rid of horseflies

Horseflies breed in wet areas so they’re attracted to garden ponds, outdoor swimming pools, and hot tubs. To eliminate them from a garden, PEST UK will spray the greenery and perimeter of any ponds, pool, and hot tub with a specialist insecticide designed to kill them.

To protect horses and cows from horseflies, PEST UK will spray the inside walls of stables and milking sheds with a specialist insecticide designed to kill them.

There is one good thing about horseflies, though…

male horseflies feed on nectar so they are pollinators.


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