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Pest control services for Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey & London.

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Bed bugs and preparation

Bed bugs Bed bugs are a common pest, once assosicated with unhygenic conditions, they are now more common due to peoples increased travel, the purchase of second hand furniture and possible tolerance to some pesticides. They bite at night and feed on human blood, depending on the person bites can show up and be very

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PESTUK Surbiton

General information We now have a new office in the South West of London in Surbiton – PESTUK Surbiton . Surbiton is within the royal borough of Kingston upon Thames, next to the River Thames and 11 miles from London. Surbiton, formerly within the county of Surrey became part of Greater London in 1965 as part

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Weather and Pests

Certain pests will be susceptible to variances in weather here in the UK, here is a list of the most prevalent. Wasps The life cycle of the wasp begins with the new fertile Queens breeding with reared Males and collecting food to begin their overwintering, this is usually around September time. This form of hibernation

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PESTUK Guildford

Pest Control in Guildford   We hold a variety of pest control contracts within the Guildford area including schools, offices, restaurants and takeaways and also private dwellings. As well as pest control contracts our technicians also do many one off jobs for pests including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice and rats and bees and wasps. The

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PESTUK Insects that Bite

Insects that Bite As the temperatures increase and Summer approaches people are finding themselves bitten more and more as the season goes on. Common insect bites here in the UK will be from: Mosquito bites Tick bites Horsefly bites Midge or Gnat bites Bedbug bites Mite bites Flea bites Spider bites Bed bugs Becoming more

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