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Wasps through ceiling

Wasps through ceilings is a common problem. It usually occurs later in the ‘wasp season’; often in late August, September and October. People phone us in a panic as they have wasps coming through the ceiling and in most cases they are going from the ceiling into a bedroom. I have known people be stung

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Trainee Pest Control Technician (Harrow area)

Trainee Pest Control Technician (Harrow area) PESTUK are looking for trainees with a view to servicing Harrow and surrounding areas. Full training will be given with a daily rate of £50 per day being paid while training. The training period will be based in the Reading area with a view to being operational in most

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Wasps in Spring

Wasps in Spring are not as numerous as they are in the Summer and Autumn. This is because the nests are just starting and the numbers are low. In fact when the Queen Wasp starts the wasp nest she is on her own. It is not until the first batch of workers turn from grubs

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Rats in May

Rats are a more common this May than they have been in previous years. There are several reasons why we are seeing an increase in rats in May. One reason for the increase of rats in May is bird feeding. Birds are messy feeders and will peck at fat balls, peanut and seed feeders, spilling

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Squirrels in a Suspended Ceiling Recently one of our pest control technicians (Stephen Nice) visited a school with a grey squirrel problem. They had entered a flat roof through a hole in the sofa board and had built a nest (a squirrel’s nest is called a drey) in the suspended ceiling. It is important to

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Pest Control Ants

Now is the ant ‘season’. Ants are well out of hibernation and the population of the nests is expanding, and now is the time people start encountering ant problems. Black Ants The majority of problems encountered in domestic situations are the common garden or black ant. These ants generally live outside or around the foundations

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