April 2016 | Pest UK

Pest control services for Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey & London.

Pest UK / 2016 / April


Pest Technician Vacancy

Due to expansion PESTUK have a Pest Technician Vacancy based in the Harrow area. At PESTUK our pest control technicians are unique. We (PESTUK) supply the work (either ‘one off’ jobs &/or pest control contracts) and the technicians take 50% of the fee! If the technicians bring in their ‘own’ work then this rises to

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Spring is when they are about feeding off the early flowers and blossom. They are an essential to many fruits and crops for pollination. This is why at PESTUK we will always look to see if a nest or swarm can be moved rather than destroyed. We are realistic though and realise that in many

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Getting Bitten

Getting Bitten Getting Bitten. When people get bitten they want to know what it is that is biting them. In the vast majority of cases it is quite easy to find out and treat the cause of what the insect is that is biting the person. Who is Getting Bitten? In a lot of cases

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Pest Control Reading

Pest Control Reading PESTUK has 4 pest control Reading offices. Reading is where PESTUK first started and since has expanded to cover most of the South of England. We have pest control contracts not only in Reading but central London, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Oxford, Surrey, and beyond. Reading is the largest town in Berkshire and ‘nearly’

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