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Wasps Coming from the Loft in December

Wasps coming into rooms from lofts are a common problem in the winter. This usually means that there has been a wasp nest, or even multiple nests, for quite a long time, and the wasps in the nest are now dying out. It is not uncommon for wasps to have a nest in a loft,

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Rats Mice Squirrels Lofts: At last the weather is turning colder and whenever this happens it generates pest control problems with rats, mice and squirrels, especially in lofts and atics. Rats and Mice Both rats and mice don’t like the cold. Although they will tolerate the cold and both rats and mice will adapt to

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Does Cold Kill Wasps?

 The cold does affect wasps and severe frosts can kill adult wasps (Queen wasps are resistant to frosts once in hibernation) but generally the cold weather just slows down wasps and can even extend their life. The reason for this is that the lower temperature will slow down the metabolism of the wasps so they

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Fleas in Empty Houses

At PEST UK we often get Estate Agents and Landlords phoning us with flea problems in empty houses. Fleas in property that is unoccupied can present a problem. The problem is this: In ‘normal circumstances’ a flea treatment will take 2-3 weeks before the fleas die out, although this time frame is dependant on the

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Contaminated Loft Insulation

Contaminated Loft Insulation: PEST UK now offer a loft clearance and biocide spray to Contaminated Loft Insulation by pigeon or rodent droppings. The service includes the removal of all Contaminated Loft Insulation, the vacuuming of the loft, a biocide spray then the installing of new insulation. For lightly contaminated lofts we also offer a much

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Loft Insulation Contaminated by Rodents

Most rodent infestations in buildings occur in loft spaces. This means that potentially the loft insulation is contaminated with rodent faces and urine which leaves a high risk of many types of diseases, some of which can be fatal. There is also the issue of smell. You don’t want to risk your health every time

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Pest Control in Wokingham – PEST UK

Wokingham is a small wealthy town situated in Berkshire between Reading and Bracknell. The Wokingham Borough Council covers a wide area from Crowthorne in the South to Wargrave in the north. At PEST UK we carry out a variety of pest control treatments in the Wokingham area including cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats, mice, squirrels,

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Pest Control in Woking

Pest Control in Woking: Woking in Surrey was one of the first areas that PEST UK expanded into after Berkshire and Basingstoke. Woking is a fairly wealthy area with a cross section of pest problems that include Bed Bugs (these sometimes indicate poorer housing conditions but can also mean people travelling abroad and staying in

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Pest Control Farnham

Pest Control in Farnham: Although Farnham in Surrey is a small market town it is actually in a densely populated part of England that are all linked together in a ribbon of buildings that include the towns of Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Frimley, Camberley, Sandhurst and Lightwater. PEST UK have had the Farnham pest control office

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Pest Control Ascot

Pest Control in Ascot: PEST UK has had a pest control Ascot, Berkshire office for several years. Ascot is a small but prosperous area in Berkshire and does not suffer from some areas from poor sewer infrastructure that leads to rat and mouse pest problems. It does have a railway line running through the South

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Ladybirds: At PEST UK we are having many enquiries abut Ladybirds. These are always the Harlequin Ladybirds. No one ever complains about the native English Ladybird! First Harlequin Ladybirds are fairly new to pest control. They originally come from Asia and were introduced to Europe and North America to control Aphids on crops. It is

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