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Should a wasp nest be destroyed?

Some people like to leave a wasp nest alone as they don’t like killing other creatures. In some cases this may be possible but if the nest is in a house it is not something I would recommend as they can be a danger and every year there are deaths due to wasp stings, either

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At PEST UK we often get asked to ‘fumigate’ a house for fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, ants and other insect pests. People will often tell us that they have bought an insecticide smoke generator off the internet and ‘fumigated’ the house with this. This is not fumigation and these types of ‘smoke’ treatments are

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Removal of Wasp Nests

Is removal of wasp nests necessary? A wasp nest cannot be easily removed if active. Nests are normally active from May to October but this can be extended until December. I have treated active nests in December. If the nest is active (you will see worker wasps or in the early stages of the wasp

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Dog or Cat Fleas

At PEST UK our peak time for enquiries from customers about pest control problems from dog or cat fleas is always in the late Summer and Autumn. The reason for this is because fleas are most active in warm weather so need to feed more often, this warm weather is when people go on holiday

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Wasp Nests

This year has so far been an exceptional year for wasp nests. The main reason for this was the dry Spring weather, no late frosts or prolonged periods of wet and windy weather. Queen wasps are very vulnerable in the early stages of the nest and during the time when the Queen has to build

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