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Rats at Waste Re-Cycling Plant

PEST UK has just completed the 3rd visit of a 4 visit rat treatment at the Waste Re Cycling Plant in Reading. On the first visit we re baited existing baits and then installed 40 more in the areas where rats were able to access the bait. As I said in previous blogs, the previous

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Rats in a Waste Recycling Plant

We have started works at a waste re cycling plant in Reading, Berkshire with a severe rat problem. Although quite modern the plant is heavily infested with rats. This is mainly down to ineffective control by the previous pest control contractor. They have put plenty of rat baits and boxes down but most in the

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Wasp Problems in January

As the Winter progresses wasp problems get fewer but are still there. At PEST UK we get less calls about wasp problems in January than in December. This is because by January the Queen Wasps (& Queen Hornets) are in ‘proper’ hibernation. The fertile Queens of both wasps and hornets are the only forms to

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