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Removing Wasp Nests and Bee Nests in Chimneys

In the Spring and early Summer there are always problems with bee swarms moving into chimneys. Most people (including PEST UK) would like to remove the bees without killing them. There are problems with this, it would cost thousands of pounds to get a scaffold erected to get near enough to the top of the

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Removing Rats Domestic Properties

Removing Rats Domestic Properties: This year (2015) has been an exceptional ‘bad’ year for rats. Rat calls to PEST UK would generally fall off quite dramatically during the Summer months. This has not been the case this year. Although there was a drop off compared to the Winter the demand was fairly constant. The weather

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Is the Increase of Pest Problems down to Wealth?

Is the Increase of Pest Problems down to Wealth? Pest problems are normally associated with poverty and to a certain degree this is true. Bed bugs for example can be associated with immigration from Eastern Europe (the last major influx of immigrants into the UK came from Eastern Europe that is near enough for them

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Rats in Chicken Coops

Anyone who keeps chickens knows the potential problems of rats in chicken coops – and not just rats, mice too! If you keep chickens you need to be very careful that you take every precaution to ensure that there is not an increase of rats and mice in your area. Many chicken keepers will tell

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How to get rid of Mice in Houses

How to get rid of Mice in Houses: Mice are different from rats in many respects. They are often tolerated more readily than rats because some people consider them ‘cute’. Mice can kill. They carry the same diseases that rats do and people are more likely to come into contact with items or foodstuff contaminated

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Removing Rats in the Autumn

Removing Rats in the Autumn: Rats are an unceasing problem in the Autumn for a variety of reasons. Outside there is a natural abundance of food. Fields still have a lot of spilt grain on them from the harvest and there are many types of fruits and nuts in woods and hedgerows. Where there is

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