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Cluster Flies & Ladybirds

Getting rid of Cluster Flies & Ladybirds in a House: The answer to this question is that practically it is not possible to eliminate hibernating Cluster Flies & Ladybirds for their hibernation site in a house. The reason for this is that the area where you are seeing the Cluster Flies and Ladybirds may only

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Grubs in a Wasp Nest

Grubs in a Wasp Nest: We recently had a call from a woman who had grubs (see photo) crawling out of beams in her bedroom. She sent pictures in and we (with the help of Killgerm) identified them as a type of Hover Fly larvae called Syrphidae. These in this case almost certainly came from

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Squirrels in Lofts

Squirrels in Lofts: The Grey Squirrel is not a natural inhabitant of England. It was imported from North America and either deliberately or accidentally released in the South of England and spread, replacing the native Red Squirrel. They are classed as vermin and many efforts have been made to eliminate them by trapping and shooting.

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How Long Does It Take for a Wasp Nest to Die Out?

How long does a wasp nest take to die out?: At this time of year (Autumn) if a wasp nest is discovered then the question often gets asked: Is it worth treating the nest now as surely the wasp nest will die out in the Winter anyway? It is true that a wasp nest will

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Pest Control in Schools

Pest Control in Schools: Schools require a reliable, trustworthy (CRB Checked), reasonably priced and fast pest control service. At PEST UK we pass these criteria as we have pest control contracts and carry out many ‘one off’ pest control treatments in Schools throughout the South of England. The time period after or just before the

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Cluster Flies in the Autumn

Cluster Flies in the Autumn: Soon pest control companies will be getting calls about Cluster Flies. These are flies that hibernate in cavities, before humans made buildings they would use caves or hollow trees to spend the Winter. These flies are not the same as ‘normal’ flies such as House Flies or Blue Bottles and

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