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Solar Panel Proofing

Solar Panel Proofing

With the increase in properties having solar panels fitted there is also an increase with birds (especially pigeons) nesting under the solar panels. We are receiving an increasing number of calls relating to this problem.

Why Birds Should Be Treated

The problems that nesting birds cause include smells, a build up of droppings which can block gutters and drains, noise and general nuisance. Pigeon droppings also carry Psittacosis which is carried in the dust of dried pigeon droppings. It may take time but these problems with birds and solar panels will increase as birds learn this behaviour and pass it down to their offspring. The birds can also damage the panels whilst nesting.
Information on Pigeons and Solar Panels from The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) Starlings or sparrows cannot be disturbed while nesting but pigeons can and if necessary can be culled. Pigeons are not protected and are considered vermin. Control is always attempted without killing the birds. Birds are learning that Solar Panels are a nice place to roost, nest and shelter. At PESTUK we are receiving an increasing number of calls relating to this problem.

Bird Spikes

Most pest control companies and shops sell and use bird spikes that are set at an angle to prevent birds gaining access. However we have found that birds have learnt to push through the spikes to still gain entry and have received many calls relating to problems once spikes have been fitted.

Solar Panel Mesh

We now have access to a new mesh that has been designed exclusively for use with solar panels. The mesh comes in pre-cut strips which are fastened under the lip of the panels themselves using special clips manufactured solely for this purpose. The solar panel proofing mesh can be either trimmed or folded over so that it cannot be seen after the solar panel mesh has been installed. It is best to fold it over as this improves the rigidity of the mesh. It is also very important that this is done otherwise leaves may gather on the solar panel and stop them working as effectively. The installation of solar panel mesh by a professional operator is the only proven and effective way of keeping pigeons and other birds out of solar panels.

Access To Rooves

One of the most difficult parts of installing the solar panel proofing mesh is getting access to them. At PESTUK we are experienced at using roofing ladders, long ladders and two of our technician’s are PASMA certified to build scaffold towers. Sometimes very high or dangerous to access buildings will need scaffolding or the use of a cherry picker to access the solar panels to install the solar panel mesh proofing. These types of buildings will obviously incur an additional charge for these types of works. More Information on Pigeons from PESTUK.


We offer free quotes for dealing with birds nesting or roosting under solar panels. We can usually give quotations based on photos of the solar panels (please send to:, or phone 0330 100 2811). Typically prices range from £300.00 + VAT to £600.00 + VAT, depending on access, amount of panels and other factors.


We guarantee the installation of the mesh for one year for any defects to the work that we carry out. We have never had a situation where we have had to return.