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Non Toxic Chemical Free Monitors For Bed Bugs

Bed Bug infestations often leave little or no trace, just the bites. This is because they only come out at night and although if you are getting insect bites in the UK and are getting bitten at night then this will almost certainly be bed bugs. ‘Spotting’ is sometimes seen but usually only in heavier infestations. Spotting is the insect excreting partly digested blood after feeding and may appear as dark brown spots on light covered surfaces.

Although at PEST UK we can usually tell what is biting someone by asking a few questions about the circumstances & whereabouts of the bites and other information. Treatment is often the only way to eliminate a suspected Bed Bug problem. Fleas tend to bite (in adults) on the lower legs and bites are normally experienced during the day and are associated with animals, usually cats but sometimes dogs, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs. Bed Bugs feed only at night but with any biting insect or fly, people may react differently to the bites and the time it takes for the bites to be noticed may vary from person to person.

We now have non-toxic monitor packs for sale. This will give a definite result (in most cases). These monitors work by emitting heat and carbon dioxide and then trap the insects on a sticky pad. These monitors are a monitor and should not be considered as a method of control. The price for these monitor packs is currently £30.00 + VAT (inc. delivery). The quickest method for a positive ID once specimens are caught is to take a photo and email to:

Bed Bug infestations have increased dramatically in the past few years. Fifteen years ago we would only do one or two treatments a year but now we carry out several hundred treatments for Bed Bugs in a year.

£30 + VAT inc delivery.