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Pigeon Spiking & Fire Gel:
We have recently carried out more bird proofing at Mercerdes Garage Bracknell using spikes as opposed to netting that we did under the ceilings of the car wash bays. This recent work was done on girders and tops of pillars.
Pigeon Spiking, Ascot

IMG_1349 The spikes prevent perching and roosting by pigeons. Some of the work was carried out from a Cherry Picker but due to the slope some of the work had to be done from a mobile scaffold.
These areas are ‘light pressure’ situations, the pigeons are not desperate to sit there and probably have other places to go. In ‘high pressure’ situations where due to the lack of other perching and roosting areas or more dominant birds excluding them from other perches then pigeons will attempt (often successfully) to overcome the spikes. This may include pushing them apart by squatting on them or in the case of nest building just piling netting material on top of the spikes themselves. In these situations and if netting is not an option then culling is the best method. Culling may have to be done several times to achieve a complete kill. Once the existing population has been culled ‘new’ birds are unlikely to move into an undesirable area. Twenty, thirty years ago bird wire was the solution to perching pigeons but now installing this system would be a waste of time as pigeons will now just sit on top of the bird wire. In the future the same may happen to pigeon spikes.
Pigeon SpikingThere is a new method now available. This is a paste solution (fire gel) that makes the bird believe there is a fire and so avoid the area. At present this deterrent is working well and can even be used in areas that spikes, wires and nets cannot be used such as trees. It can also be removed easily (it is normally placed in small dishes) if needed.
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BPCA Pigeons

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