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Several rodent and insect charges for pest control charged by High Wycombe Council’s pest control Department are much higher than those of PEST UK. High Wycombe Council use a private contractor to do their pest control called SDK or Dial a Pest. This was a cleaning company from Devon that branched out into Local Authority Pest Control. One of our technicians (Jim Dunn) used to work for this company.

Even as a private company they seem to operate ‘the council way’. For example they only operate Monday to Friday and only work up to 5pm. In fact when an appointment is given they will only say between 8am and 1pm or 12 to 5pm. They also do not operate a same day service. if some one phones PEST UK today they will be given a slot of say 17-18.00 which will be kept to or we will ring the customer to keep them informed if we happen to run late for any reason. PEST UK operate 7 days a week (including Bank Holidays). The last appointments can be as late as 19.00 hrs and as early as 7 am. We understand at PEST UK that people have work and home commitments so will work around those. We also understand that an emergency needs attending straight away so we make sure we have enough staff to enable us to do this. What is the point of a council letting a company like this take over?

They offer a poor quality service when compared with other private companies but are not particularly cheap. There is no point in the council doing this. It should just send prospective customers to the British Pest Control Association website where they will be supplied with several companies, all of which have to be insured, have trained staff, crb checked and abide by the British Pest Control Association’s code of conduct.

High Wycombe Council Pest Control & PEST UK Prices 2015-2016

High Wycombe Council Pest Control & PEST UK prices 2015-2016

High Wycombe Council Pest Control & PEST UK Prices 2015-2016


There are several ways you can contact PEST UK to book a pest control treatment:

By Phone: As well as numerous local numbers we have two main numbers: 0330 100 2811 (local rate from landlines & mobiles) and 0800 026 0308 (free phone from landlines and some mobiles).

The PEST UK telephone operator (all the staff at PEST UK are trained in pest control) can book up an hour slot for an appointment between 8am and 6pm (7pm in the summer).

By email mail The staff at PEST UK will respond to e mail requests within the hour (during office hours).

You can request a a call back request from our PEST UK mobile and Tablet website. These are responded to the same way as e mail. If you load up the PEST UK website ( on a tablet or mobile then the mobile site loads up automatically.

You can also call or e mail for any pest control advice. If you live out of PEST UK’s service area then the best option is to go to the BPCA website and find a reputable BPCA member in your area. It is important that you get a British Pest Control Association member company then you can be assured that the company chosen uses qualified staff and is properly insured (unlike some Local Authorities or their contractors!)

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A Pest Control Contract is not expensive. Not only will it protect the health and safety of your employees, it will also protect your reputation. Most prosecutions happen to smaller companies. Remove the worry and leave pest control in the hands of experts.

If you are regularly experiencing pest problems, maybe a Pest Control Contract is better. That peace-of-mind knowing that there is an expert team just a phone call away!

Take a look at our Pest Control Contract page, or call us now on 0800-026-0308

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