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Guildford Council Pest Control Prices:

Guildford Council use SDK or Dial a Pest (same company) as a ‘Preferred Supplier’ and as the company that carries out their pest control. This company (SDK/Dial a Pest) started as a cleaning company in Devon and then branched out into pest control. They ‘specialise’ in working for councils, not always successfully however as they lost their contract they had a few years back with West Berkshire Council. West Berks Council now point prospective customers to the British Pest Control Association web site. This in my opinion is the way all councils should go. It offers a selection of vetted, skilled companies all competing for custom. There are no cowboy companies within the BPCA membership as they can’t operate with the strict BPCA guidelines and would soon be asked to leave. Companies who don’t have to compete for their customers often don’t offer a good service and people don’t realise that they can often get an independent company (like PEST UK who operate 7 days a week including Bank Holidays, offer guaranteed treatments and half hour booking slots from 8am to 7pm as well as phoning in advance) cheaper offering a superior service.If you can get through on the phone to Guildford Council Pest Control Department (SDK or ‘Dial a Pest’then expect a wait to book an appointment (this can take over a week in the Summer or any holiday period) and you will not get an hours slot appointment time as you would get with PEST UK.

Below is an example of the prices that SDK/Dial a Pest charge on behalf of Guildford Council for their pest control.

The conclusion is for a quality pest control service don’t use a local council or a private company working on the councils behalf use a BPCA register company that only succeeds because it offers customers what they want. As the saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’.

Guildford Council Pest Control & PEST UK Prices 2015

Guildford Council Pest Control & PEST UK prices 2015

Guildford Council Pest Control & PEST UK prices 2015

To book a pest control treatment in Guildford or for free advice. Contact the PEST UK Guildford Pest Control Office:

14 London Rd

Phone: 01483 789785

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