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Rodents and Homes.

At PESTUK we know this time of year can lead to an increase of rat and mice activity within homes. The colder weather can make our homes an inviting destination for Rats and Mice. People are also more likely to feed birds in the cold weather which can attract rats and mice to this delicious extra source of protein, which can then nest nearby.

Signs of Rats and Mice in your home

Signs of rodent activity can include late night movement heard through the ceiling, the smell of urine, droppings and gnawing of cables, pipes and beams. They will mostly nest in the loft and use cavities for movement in and about the house.

With the drop in temperatures, rats and mice enter homes to nest in lofts tearing up insulation, under floorboards or in wall cavities. They can gain access to the kitchen and other parts of the home. You may see them during the day but they usually are active at night. Rats and Mice both carry diseases and can damage your home with their constant gnawing. This can even lead to fires from the chewing of electrical cables.

With a steady access to food rodents can easily begin to nest and can begin breeding rapidly in your home. Rodents prefer grain based foods but will happily eat almost anything.

Our technicians can visit your property and can assess for points of entry, food sources and possible nesting areas and can lay poison bait to humanely deal with the rodents.

For more information on rodents visit the BPCA or our own web site PESTUK

PESTUK now have new offices open in Lambourn and in Ealing ready to treat rodent problems and any other pests you may have.   Our offices are open 7 days a week.

Lambourn Ealing rats and mice

PESTUK Edgware

We came across an article recently where the BPCA has been encouraging residents in the West Midlands  to ask for ID before allowing pest controllers into their homes.

A conman was jailed for 7 years, after posing as a pest controller, and conning people, particularly elderly and vulnerable people, out of thousands of pounds.

Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA, said: “The threat posed by bogus officials is ever-present and people should always be on their guard.”

He went on to say “Professional pest controllers will never cold call anyone, so people who are approached out of the blue should simply close the door. Those who do find evidence of an infestation should only approach pest control companies who are registered with a professional body such as the BPCA.”

PESTUK are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), and our technicians never cold call. If you have been approached by someone offering you pest control services, we recommend calling a reputable member of BPCA like PESTUK and get advice you can trust.

l Pest Control Trading Standards

l Pest Control Trading Standards

PESUK are also Trading Standards Approved, giving you extra reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable pest control company.

Call PESTUK Pest Control Services on 0800 026 0308 or 0330 100 2811 for any pest control problems or to confirm the identity of any of our technicians.

Food Hygiene Ratings from 0-5 are awarded to businesses to reflect the standard of food hygiene on the premises.

We’ve all seen the headlines where a food establishment has received a score of 0. No matter how quickly the business addresses the issues raised (and in some cases they do appear to be minor, petty issues) the bad publicity and negative impact can affect a business for years.

Food Hygiene Ratings

The food hygiene ratings reflect only the standards of hygiene on the premises and are no reflection on the quality or taste of the food being sold. The internet has made it really quick and easy for shoppers to check the food hygiene ratings of most restaurants and food suppliers throughout the UK.

The food hygiene rating or inspection result given to a business reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection or visit by the local authority. The food hygiene rating is not a guide to food quality, but this may not be evident to consumers..

How are food hygiene ratings calculated?

Food Hygiene Ratings are calculated using 3 separate elements:

  • how hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored
  • the condition of the structure of the buildings – the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • how the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe

All businesses should work towards achieving a rating of ‘5’.

The Food Standards Agency offer a Hygiene Standards search on their website where anyone can find out the ratings for a particular establishment. They have also produced a video called ‘Food hygiene ratings. What’s behind numbers?’

PestUK offer regular Pest Control contracts to ensure that your premises are pest free and your Food Hygiene Rating is not compromised. Give us a call on 0800 026 0308
Pest Control Contracts BPCA

Hounslow Council

I run a pest control company called PEST UK. This is a mid sized pest control company. We have 12 pest control technicians covering the South Central areas of England. Our coverage area has been expanding in recent years and we now have pest control offices in Hounslow, Feltham, Harrow and Northwood. PEST UK has been trading under the same ownership for over 25 years. We know how much pest control operations cost and what to charge to make a profit. In a lot of the London areas it is plain to see that these councils are using pest control to generate a great deal of profit from the actual people they are meant to serve. Hounslow council charge double the price for some pests that PEST UK charge. The only time you will get good value from Hounslow Council pest control department is if you are on benefits, then the price is dramatically cut or free. If you do a search on Google for ‘pest control in Hounslow’ then the front page (including very expensive ‘pay per click’ spaces is taken up by Hounslow Council’s pest control department. Again at PEST UK we understand internet (& particularly Google) advertising and the costs it can take to get listed on the front page. To dominate the first page in Google the way they have must cost many tens of thousands of pounds.

Hounslow Pest control

Hounslow Pest control

Another issue is training and standards. PEST UK is a full member of the BPCA (The British Pest Control Association) and we are inspected for insurance, training, complaints procedures, annual refresher training and Criminal Record checks (CRB). Hounslow council are not members of the BPCA. PEST UK is also a member of the ‘Trading Standards Approved’ organisation.
Pest Control Prices

Pest Control Prices

The bottom line is that they (Hounslow Council) are providing an expensive poor quality service (they don’t work weekends, evenings, early mornings or Bank Holidays, they only answer the phone during the council’s ‘office hours’) to subsidise their income. They are also squeezing out private companies who most can offer a cheaper, higher quality pest control service.
Pest Control Food Premises and Restaurants
To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London.

Go to the Hounslow PEST UK web site:PEST UK Hounslow

See our Hounslow Pest Control Office web page: PESTUK Hounslow Web page

Hounslow Pest Control

PEST UK offer a comprehensive pest control service for Hounslow. Not only are PEST UK much cheaper than the pest control service offered by Hounslow Council’s pest control department but the service they provide is a high quality reasonable priced pest control service for domestic premises, commercial premises, schools and many other sites. Unlike many other pest control companies (including the Hounslow Council Pest Control Department) PEST UK operate a 7 day a week appointment service. At PEST UK we realise that our customers may lead busy lives and may not be able to have a pest control technician attend in ‘normal’ working hours. For this reason PEST UK offer early morning, evening, weekend and bank holiday appointments. Only Sunday and Bank Holidays have a supplement charge. When you phone PEST UK you will speak to a human (no ‘press 1,2 etc.) at ANY time, day, night, weekend or bank holiday. At PEST UK we don’t use trainees, all pest control technicians are fully qualified and undergo annual training and testing. Any trainees or apprentices are always accompanied until full qualified. When you choose PEST UK you know the technician will be honest and be capable of a first class job.

Hounslow Pest control

Hounslow Pest control

PEST UK is a full member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) Hounslow Pest Control BPCAso you can be assured that all of our pest control technicians are fully insured, qualified and CRB checked. As well as being in the BPCA we are also ‘Trading Standards Approved’. Hounslow Pest Control Trading Standards
Pest Control Prices

Pest Control Prices

The PEST UK Hounslow office is at:

32 Kingsley Rd

Tel: 020 8945 3481 to book a pest control treatment or just for free advice.

See the PESTUK Hounslow office web page: PESTUK

Not only do PEST UK cover the Hounslow area but also cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London.

Pest Control in the UK is supplied by private companies and some time by the local council. There is a great difference between private companies and local Authority in the way that the service is provided and the quality. In the past it was normally the fact that council would be cheaper than pest control supplied by a private company. This is no longer the case. Compered to PEST UK many councils charge more for some or all pest control services. These are mainly but not exclusively London based councils. Harrow, Hounslow, Feltham, Northwood, Hillingdon, Ealing, Kingston and Richmond areas are all much more expensive than PEST UK. The pest service these councils provide is also restrictive in variety (they won’t treat certain pests in some cases such as bee, squirrels or foxes) we have had reports of council workers refusing to go up ladders (they say they are not insured!) and rarely do that provide a weekend, early morning or evening service (PEST UK work 7 days a week 365 days per year!)

 Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Pest Control: Private Companies

There are many differences in this category. First the small one man band. These are usually cheap but it can be bit of a gamble to find a good one. Not many very small pest control companies are members of the BPCA (The British Pest Control Association) Pest Control BPCA which monitors and inspects member companies for insurance, standards, van suitability, complaints procedure, training (including ongoing training) and CRB checks. Next the mid range companies. PEST UK fall into this bracket. These usually provide a low risk service at reasonable prices. The large companies such as Rentokill and Ecolab are generally he most expensive and often use trainees in place of experienced pest control technicians. Often the first contact the public has with these companies is salesman who will try and sell the most expensive treatment to the customer as they are on a commission. Don’t get ripped off, call PEST UK.
Pest Control: Rats, Mice & Squirrels:  Now the warmest December ever has ended and January has started at last to get colder and this will at last bring an influx of Rats, mice & squirrels into buildings. PEST UK have many rural pest control contracts where we have static preventative bait points and this Winter these bait points have been showing record bait takes indicating that the rural rats, mice & squirrels population is extremely high. Once the cold weather comes and stays for a few weeks then a large percentage of thisl rat and mouse population will start to move to the shelter of buildings. Squirrels as well will start to look for warmer sleeping and nesting places within their territories which often leads them to invade loft spaces, causing havoc to the loft spaces they choose. Squirrels don’t hibernate but will rest up during cold snaps. Lofts are often favoured for this purpose. Nearer Spring time lofts are often selected for breeding sites.  Rats and mice origonaly came from Southern Asia so although can adapt to colder climates (they inhabit all of earth’s continent apart from Antarctica) they prefer the warmth and shelter of buildings. The food supply and vegetation cover also dwindles as frosts set in so areas in and around buildings and animals becomes attractive to rats for food as well as for cover  Whatever the rodent problem wether it be rats, mice or squirrels, PEST UK offer a pest control solution at a very reasonable price. Getting rid of rats and mice usually involves identifying the food source (& dealing with this) along with any proofing recommendations and then the laying of a suitable poison bait. This generally takes 2 visits. With squirrels the approach is slightly different with the proofing left until after the infestation has been eliminated. Treatment is often traps instead of poison, depending on circumstances.  Unlike a lot of companies PEST UK guarantee their treatments.  To book a treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).   PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London
To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).
Pest Control Cockroach
PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London.
Pest Control Wasps & Warm Winters

Cat Flea

First it is a fallacy that the local council charge less than private companies. Unless you are on some benefits most London Councils (and a lot of councils outside London) will charge well over the private company equivalent. In most cases in my experience they offer a vastly inferior service in comparison with service, timing, professionalism and care. An example of this is SDK. This is a private cleaning company based in Devon that branched out into pest control and specialises in sub contracting for local councils. Not always successfully. They had a contract with West Berkshire Council but lost this. This council now recommends that prospective customers go to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) web site The BPCA Pest Control Prices where they are given a selection of BPCA member companies (these companies are inspected on a regally basis for insurance, qualification of pest control technicians, CRB checks, complaints procedure, safety etc) before being allowed to become a BPCA member. This in my opinion is the way forward for councils. Anyway the service provided for this company for Maidenhead, Windsor & Ascot council is pretty poor with appointment times, no evening or weekend working and quite high charges unless you are on benifits. The last time I spoke to them they didn’t carry out appointments until after 3pm. PEST UK offer a 7 day service, including bank holidays, evenings and early morning appointments. Only Sundays and Bank holidays are charged extra.

Pest Control Prices

Pest Control Prices

Pest control prices do vary from company to company. Prices will vary within companies themselves. Rentokill will often charge what the salesperson can get away with. This is because they are on a percentage commission. Smaller non BPCA members are often cheaper but this can be a gamble in service and availability and back up (staff may not be available 24 hours, 7 days a week as they are with a medium sized company like PEST UK.
Pest Control Prices

Pest Control Prices

To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).
Bed Bug
PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London.

Pest Control:

This time of year is very important for the pest control industry, it makes the absolute polar opposite of our summer season. Where wasps and bees are extremely prevalent in the summer months, during the winter holidays we tend to see a vast number of rodents problems. Even more so in domestic properties than usual, this in part is due to the changing weather, nesting habits and the increased number of stored foods in the run up to winter festivities. This can cause havoc with both the public and commercial properties. Here at PEST UK we pride ourselves in maintaining full hour time slots for every customer, despite the busy holiday period. As well as this we are able to remain open most bank holidays.
Pest Control Food Premises and Restaurants
Going into the new year we can expect to see a change in the makeup of pest control jobs we are experiencing. While the pest control load will begin to further steadily increase for the insect populations we can expect to see very little change for the rodent population. At this point in time it is difficult to decide whether this summer will be a busy period for wasps and bees. It is still dependent on the state of the weather in coming spring months. If the weather becomes too warm too early, as we have seen a very mild winter so far, it can lead to an interruption in the hibernation period of the queens and this can prematurely lead to the death of the nest. However, if the spring becomes to wet, windy or cold this too can damage the new grubs before they are able to fully mature.

 Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Ultimately, in the new year we are hoping to see favourable conditions so as increase our rodent pest control work. The weather is a major factor. The mild Winter so far means that the rat, mouse and squirrel population in the countryside is high but as yet they are under no pressure to venture into buildings. This will change once the weather gets colder.
pest control mouse
Pest Control
To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire & West London.
Pest Control Contracts BPCA

Ealing Council Pest Control Rip Off!

Ealing Council are ripping the residents of Ealing off with prices that in most cases are far higher or equal to private companies who generally are providing are far superior service. An example of the service aspect of this are appointment times. Ealing Council Pest Control will only give an afternoon or morning appointment. They don’t work early mornings, evenings, Bank Holidays or Weekends. These times are often when busy working people (they need to be working to pay Ealing Council Pest Control charges!) need the visits. The only time (in most cases) it is cheaper to hire Ealing Council Pest Control is if you are on benefits. The the council (quite rightly) gives discounts.

Appointment times Comparisons

PEST UK offer these appointment times (no extra cost) from 8am to 19.00hrs Monday to Friday & 8am to 18.00hrs on Saturday’s.

PEST UK is also has pest control appointments on Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am to 16.00hrs. There is a supplement charge for these days.
Ealing Council Pest Control Rip off!
Booking Up an Appointment

At PEST UK you can speak to an actual person ay time any day or nght. The man offices are open from 8am to 19.30hrs with an answering service (people not machines or ‘press 1 for etc’) 7 days a Ealing Council Pest Control only operate and take phone calls ‘in office hours’.

Pest Control Charges Comparison

Ealing Council PEST UK

Mice £104 £100
Wasps £56 £50
Bed Bugs (3 bed) £192 £100
Fleas £106 £65
Cockroaches £127 £100

Ealing Council Pest Control Rip Off!

PEST UK staff are highly qualified and as we guarantee our treatments an extra effort is made to get it right.

If you have a pest problem in Ealing or anywhere else then give PEST UK a call on: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles).

Ealing Council Pest Control Charges
Wikipedia Ealing

Hounslow Council Pest Control Rip Off

Many councils/Local Authorities are using pest control charges to fleece the public. Councils unlike private pest control companies don’t need to advertise (although some do!) as a high percentage of both domestic and commercial potential customers with pest problems will either phone or more like nowadays go to their local council website. So if we are going to compare the actual cost of carrying out a pest control operation then this is a massive cost that the council pest control departments do not have to bear.

How do the prices Compare between a Council & PEST UK?

I will give a few examples of The London Borough of Hounslow changes compared with PEST UK

London Borough of Hounslow PEST UK

Bed Bugs £180 £100
Wasps £60 £50
Ants £85 £65
Pharaoh Ants £159 £100
Cockroaches £140 £100
Fleas £90 £65
Squirrels £150 £135
Mice £120 £100

Their commercial rates start at £80 per hour and they also do pest control contracts for commercial premises.

Why are councils competing (unuccessfully on price) with private companies. Haven’t they anything better to invest in like Social Services or Refuse Collection?

The reason is that they are making a lot of money out of the people they are elected to serve and who pay their wages.

Wasp Nests In Hounslow Berks, Oxon, Hants, Surrey & Bucks
Appointment Times

The London Borough of Hounslow Pest Control Dept. do not work weekends (PEST UK work weekends, & Bank Holidays with Saturdays being no extra charge but looking at the council’s high pest control charges it would still be cheaper for customers to book a Sunday call out and it would still be cheaper with PEST UK! They do not give timed appointments. They do not work early morning or evenings (this is often when people want an appointment) At PEST UK we understand that people are busy and need to work to pay for the charges, so we give appointments with hour slots TO SUIT OUR CUSTOMERS.
Staff Qualifications

At PEST UK you can check the staff on the PEST UK web site before they come if you wish. You can see the staff’s qualifications (we don’t use trainee’s). You can see that all are CRB checked (Criminal Record Checked) and you can request a lady pest controller if you wish.
Response Times

The London Borough of Hounslow Pest Control Dept. is only open office hours. At PEST UK our main office is open from 8am to 6.30pm Winter and 8am to 7.30pm Summer. Outside these hours the phone is answered by our answering service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).
PESTK’s Hounslow Pest Control Office

Go to the PESTUK Hounslow web page at: PESTUK Hounslow Office

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A Pest Control Contract is not expensive. Not only will it protect the health and safety of your employees, it will also protect your reputation. Most prosecutions happen to smaller companies. Remove the worry and leave pest control in the hands of experts.

If you are regularly experiencing pest problems, maybe a Pest Control Contract is better. That peace-of-mind knowing that there is an expert team just a phone call away!

Take a look at our Pest Control Contract page, or call us now on 0800-026-0308

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