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We came across an article recently where the BPCA has been encouraging residents in the West Midlands  to ask for ID before allowing pest controllers into their homes.

A conman was jailed for 7 years, after posing as a pest controller, and conning people, particularly elderly and vulnerable people, out of thousands of pounds.

Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA, said: “The threat posed by bogus officials is ever-present and people should always be on their guard.”

He went on to say “Professional pest controllers will never cold call anyone, so people who are approached out of the blue should simply close the door. Those who do find evidence of an infestation should only approach pest control companies who are registered with a professional body such as the BPCA.”

PESTUK are members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), and our technicians never cold call. If you have been approached by someone offering you pest control services, we recommend calling a reputable member of BPCA like PESTUK and get advice you can trust.

l Pest Control Trading Standards

l Pest Control Trading Standards

PESUK are also Trading Standards Approved, giving you extra reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable pest control company.

Call PESTUK Pest Control Services on 0800 026 0308 or 0330 100 2811 for any pest control problems or to confirm the identity of any of our technicians.

A Pest Control Contract is not expensive. Not only will it protect the health and safety of your employees, it will also protect your reputation. Most prosecutions happen to smaller companies. Remove the worry and leave pest control in the hands of experts.

If you are regularly experiencing pest problems, maybe a Pest Control Contract is better. That peace-of-mind knowing that there is an expert team just a phone call away!

Take a look at our Pest Control Contract page, or call us now on 0800-026-0308

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