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Some people like to leave a wasp nest alone as they don’t like killing other creatures. In some cases this may be possible but if the nest is in a house it is not something I would recommend as they can be a danger and every year there are deaths due to wasp stings, either single or multiple. Multiple wasp stings occur often in loft spaces when a nest is disturbed, a light is on and escape is often hindered by the cramped conditions in loft spaces. Another common instance is when some one is cutting a hedge with a powered hedge cutter. The noise of the hedge cutter disguises any noise angry wasps may make and the first notice the person gets is when the wasps start stinging. The vibration of the hedge cutter agitates the wasps in the nest putting them on the offensive. Mankind is probably responsible for an artificially high number of wasp nests due to buildings. In a completely natural situation where man is not present the vast majority of the country would be covered with trees. One of the limiting factors of wasp nest population is the number of suitable nesting sites. Natural sites would include hollow trees, rodent holes, caves and other dry cavities. There would be a limit to the availability of such cavities, not so now where man has erected millions of buildings with lofts, cavity walls and other ideal nest sites.
German Wasp
Do wasps do any good?

The answer to this is actually yes. From may to mid August worker wasps kill insects but mainly caterpillars and flies to feed to the growing grubs in the wasp nest that are either going to turn into either another batch of workers or new Queens and Drones. This changes however once the fruit ripens and the production of new wasp forms ceases 9mid August but sooner for the wasps that nest outside as their life cycle ends sooner) and the wasps change their diet to the ripening fruit.
The Dome Type Re Usable Wasp Trap
If you do decide to have your wasp nest treated then PEST UK offer a same day service at very reasonable rates 7 days a week in Harrow, Guildford, Reading, High Wycombe, Newbury, bracknell, Hungerford, Feltham, Camberley, Farnham, Basingstoke, Alton, Hounslow, Watford and many other places.
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For advice or a pest control treatment please phone PEST UK on 0330 100 2811. Alec Minter
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At PEST UK we often get asked to ‘fumigate’ a house for fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, ants and other insect pests. People will often tell us that they have bought an insecticide smoke generator off the internet and ‘fumigated’ the house with this. This is not fumigation and these types of ‘smoke’ treatments are virtually useless for most insecticide treatments. Fumigation is carried out for termite control in semi tropical and tropical countries for Termites. A non permeable cover is put over the whole building and the fumigant is pumped in and everything is killed. Nothing in the UK is passed or suitable for domestic premises in the UK.

This is an Insecticide Smoke Generator, this type of treatment is sometimes called 'Fumigation'

This is an Insecticide Smoke Generator, this type of treatment is sometimes called ‘Fumigation’

Smoke Insecticide Generators may be ok for flies and other flying insects that are free flying. They are not powerful or concentrated enough to kill a wasp nest. They are especially ineffective against bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants or other crawling insect pests. The problem with this type of treatment is that they do not penetrate into carpets or in cracks and crevices where insects like to live and even if they do the insecticide is not residual so do not last any length of time which is essential for many types of insecticide treatments, especially fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches and wasps.
Coppex Mini & Maxi Insecticide Smoke Generator
Insecticide smoke generator treatments (or fumigation as this is sometimes called) looks very modern and is popular with lazy technicians as very little work is needed except for lighting wick. The application of insecticides may vary depending on the type of best being treated. The other disadvantage is that the treated areas are best left shut up for as long as possibe. The longer the house or building is closed the more effective the smoke generator (or fumigation) treatment will be. Another disadvantage is the smell that is sometimes left as the smoke penetrates curtains, furniture and clothes and of courser smoke/fire alarms have to be disabled.
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If you have any insect problems then please contact PEST UK for a treatment at a reasonable price or free advice.

For advice or a pest control treatment please phone PEST UK on 0330 100 2811. Alec Minter

Is removal of wasp nests necessary?
German Wasp
A wasp nest cannot be easily removed if active. Nests are normally active from May to October but this can be extended until December. I have treated active nests in December. If the nest is active (you will see worker wasps or in the early stages of the wasp nest, the Queen wasp going in and out of the wasp nest or a hole leading into the cavity that holds the wasp nest. Some wasp species (usually the German, European Wasp and Tree Wasps) will build their nests ‘hanging’ in a tree or bush) but most will build in cavities in buildings, then the nest will need treating before any attempt to remove the wasp nest is made. In fact if a wasp nest is removed before the wasps are dead it can lead to the workers that were out foraging at the time of removal attempting to re build the nest once they return and find the nest gone. If just treated they will attempt to enter the wasp nest and then become contaminated by the insecticide (at present PEST UK use an inside called Ficam D) and die.
European Wasp
Another problem with removing a wasp nest is that in a lot of cases the nest is not visible. The cavity where the wasp nest is situated may be in a cavity wall, a dormer window, a flat roof or any sealed cavity that is not accessible. If the nest is in a loft and visible it is best to wait a few weeks after treatment before any attempt is made to remove the wasp nest. Too soon and there may still be wasps active within the nest even if no wasps are flying in and out of the wasp nest entrance,
Really the answer to the original question is ‘No’.
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PEST UK can offer free advice and reasonable prices for wasp nest treatment and removal (where possible).
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At PEST UK our peak time for enquiries from customers about pest control problems from dog or cat fleas is always in the late Summer and Autumn. The reason for this is because fleas are most active in warm weather so need to feed more often, this warm weather is when people go on holiday so their pest either go with them, go into kennels or catteries (in some cases are looked after in the home) so the food source is removed or in some cases restricted. The other issue is the behaviour of cats. Fleas mainly live in carpets, go onto the host (usually a cat or dog) to feed then back to the carpet, problem for the fleas is that in warm weather cats are more likely to be outside and may even avoid areas that are heavily infested with fleas. In the case of some one coming in to feed a cat left at home the cat will spend more time out of an empty house than an occupied one. We have had dozens of calls from house sitters who come in to feed the cat and get badly bitten in the process. Well over 90% of flea problems on animals are actually cat fleas, even on other animals such as dogs and rabbits are cat fleas.
Cat Flea
Treatment of all types of fleas experienced in UK homes is virtually the same. Preparation as with most pest control treatments is vital if the insecticide treatment is to work. This involves vacuuming all floor areas (including under all standing furniture), once done emptying the vacuum cleaner to an outside bin and just clearing the floor areas of all clutter. There are no fumes to the modern insecticides we use so vacating the house is not needed but pets should be kept out of the house until the floor surfaces are dry and people should not touch the treated surfaces with bare skin until dry.
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PEST UK offer guaranteed flea treatments for a reasonable rate.

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This year has so far been an exceptional year for wasp nests. The main reason for this was the dry Spring weather, no late frosts or prolonged periods of wet and windy weather. Queen wasps are very vulnerable in the early stages of the nest and during the time when the Queen has to build the nest, deal with maintenance and the feeding of grubs that will turn into the first of many batches of workers.
German Wasp
Treatment: At present (July 2015) PEST UK are taking between 40 and 70 wasp jobs a day. Although this is a good volume it is nothing to the 100 plus wasp nests per day taken in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s in July. What makes this more remarkable is that at that time we were called Berkshire & Basingstoke Pest Control and covered a much smaller area in the South of England. We covered all of Berkshire, including the towns of Newbury, Reading, Hungerford, Wokingham, Bracknell, Windsor, Slough as well as the North Hampshire towns of Basingstoke, Alton, Camberley, Tadley and Aldershot. Now we have re named PEST UK and cover a much wider are which includes West London (Harrow, Hounslow, Twickenham, Staines, Weybridge, Egham, Middlesex, Feltham as well as Surrey (Woking, Farnborough, Guildford and Farnham and South Bucks (High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Amersham). PEST UK also carry our regular pest control jobs in Swindon, Oxford and Henley on Thames.
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At PEST UK we are very near to capacity but a higher percentage of our work is non wasp nest related such as pest control contracts, bed bugs and a noticeable increase in Summer rat jobs.
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Even when extremely busy PEST UK operate a same day, 7 day a week service with call being answered 24 hours a day every day of the year. In the majority of the cases in our coverage area PEST UK are actually cheaper than the local council.
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A Pest Control Contract is not expensive. Not only will it protect the health and safety of your employees, it will also protect your reputation. Most prosecutions happen to smaller companies. Remove the worry and leave pest control in the hands of experts.

If you are regularly experiencing pest problems, maybe a Pest Control Contract is better. That peace-of-mind knowing that there is an expert team just a phone call away!

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