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Pest Control In Alton

PEST UK (Alton & District)
Charwell House
Wilsom Rd
GU34 2PP
United Kingdom
Tel: 01420 408797

Pest Control in Alton: Although Alton is a fairly old settlement it does not suffer from the normal pest control problems associated with old towns due to victorian sewers and older buildings and infrastructure. The reason is that Alton is a fairly small wealthy town. Older sewer systems can cause pest control problems with rats emerging from sewer breaches and rats actually living in the sewer system. Newer sewer systems do not allow rats many ledges or holes for rats to live. The only issue that makes rat pest control problems more likely in Alton is the presence of a river and a railway line running through the centre of Alton. Both these can be a highway for rats and both supplying foodstuff and cover for rats or mice. As well as rats & mice using these areas as highways there are pest control problems with properties bordering these areas. These include pest control problems of squirrels, rabbits and some insects pests. Apart from that Alton suffers from the normal domestic pest control problems which include: wasp nests, bees, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, squirrels, rats, mice and fleas.

Nick Browning

The Alton Pest Control office is run currently by Nick Browning our senior pest controller. Alton is a small town in North Hampshire south of Basingstoke North East of Winchester. It is the highest town in Hampshire and source of the River Wey. It started as a Roman settlement and is twinned with the French town of Pertuis and the Italian town of Montecchio Maggiore.

There is a large pest control product manufacturer based in Alton. This company is called Peglar and makes many types of very high quality insecticides and rodenticides for sale to pest control companies, some of which we use at PEST UK. We have in the past tested some of these pest control products including mouse bait boxes as well as rat & mouse poison of different varieties. PEST UK has pest control contract customers in the surrounding area that include farms, stables, a couple of pubs and private houses. Many customers have pest control contracts for peace of mind or for financial reasons. Some have pest control contracts because they trust the technician. All PEST UK’s pest control technicians are CRB checked and of course qualified in the BPCA qualification as well as the ongoing training required within the PROMPT/BASIS scheme.

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Rats - You may see rats during daylight hours but they prefer to operate at night.
Ants - Worker ants will frequently enter dwellings foraging for food, particularly sweet substances.
Cockroaches - Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal so they are more likely to be seen at night.
Squirrels - The most common complaint about Squirrels is when they take residence in a loft space.
Mice - You may see, hear or smell a mouse problem or see other evidence such as burrowing in insulation or soil.
Wasps - Wasps are aggressive and will sting readily if they think the nest is in danger.